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Summer & Charlee

Parent: Summer | Child: Charlee | Age: 9 months

I am a single mama to my baby girl so getting her to sleep was my only priority. I never thought that just making sure she was asleep (no matter how it was done) was going to impact her sleep so negatively. Within a month of Kendra's sleep help, my daughter not only sleeps in her crib (we were bedsharing), but she puts herself to sleep and STAYS asleep all night. I started later on in the game (she was 7 months old when I started sleep training) so we shed a few tears but my goal was to not do a CIO method and didn’t think it was possible! I will be following Kendra's sleep training for all my babies from the start! I can't recommend her enough to help sleep train your little babe without having them CIO!

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Melissa & Caiden

Parent: Melissa | Child: Caiden | Age: 6 months

Kendra is such a sweet mama! I highly recommend reaching out to her if you're a parent who needs a little help with their child's sleep habits. She is very knowledgeable in all areas of sleep, scheduling, and feedings. I especially love all of her quick tips and pieces of advice that she posts on her social media accounts. She has a great, gentle approach to sleep training which if often overlooked, but highly effective. You'll be happy you worked with her! Go follow her social media accounts - bonus she shares her adorable daughter with us!

Emma & Luke

Parent: Emma | Child: Luke | Age: 20 months

Kendra is my sister-in-law and made our house her first visit after getting vaccinated. Though the purpose of her stay was hanging out with us and the kids (we have a 5yo girl and 20mo boy), she noticed that my toddler wasn't sleeping as well as he might. Despite his age, nearly two, he was still waking up at least once a night to nurse, I couldn't put him down to bed myself (as he would insist on nursing) and his naps were all over the map. Kendra got him on a better nap and sleep schedule, better suited to his age, which helped a lot. Then she had us order The Hatch and showed us how to set up the lights and noise (which he loved!) to help him drift off and assist with self-soothing through the night. The clincher, though, was the techniques Kendra taught us to have him put himself to sleep, which we never would've intuited if left to our own devices. I'm amazed to say that, two weeks after Kendra's visit, Luke routinely goes down within 5 minutes (even for me!) and has had ZERO night wakings since! Hubs and I are regularly clocking in 8 hours of sleep again and we're able to plan our days better because his naps are highly predictable. Not to mention that he's more alert and easygoing during his waking hours :) I think what made the difference with Kendra's help (as this is not our first child, so we've struggled with sleep, regressions, etc before) is that she explains the reasoning behind wake windows, the importance of putting baby down while still awake and why the techniques work. (For my husband, it is important that he understands the rationale behind something and not just be given the instruction manual, so he was more committed to the methods because she explained them very well.) Also, she has so many tools in her kit and has a really strong instinct about what each particular baby will respond to (e.g. firm back pats for our boy, which we would've never thought to do on our own, but he loooooved). Kendra is always a ray of sunshine for us and our kids (quite possibly our daughter's favorite person!), but seeing her crack the code with her nephew's sleep within minutes showed us that she truly has a gift. If you mamas and papas are missing a good night's rest, don't "sleep" on consulting with Kendra!

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Kaitlin & Morgan

Parent: Kaitlin | Child: Morgan | Age: 4.5 months

I first found Kendra on Tik Tok, and since then i follow her Instagram! I have messaged her a few times and she has responded promptly! Her saved videos really helped me and my LO create happy and healthy sleep habits! Her wake window chart is key, and she shows us real unfiltered life with a baby. My girl started sleep training right at 4months and it has been a breeze! No crying and asleep within 5-10 minutes! I recommend her to all of my mom friends and they have reported back that they enjoy her as well! Thank you Kendra for constantly giving and sharing tips and tricks!!

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