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Happy Hive

Personalized Sleep Consulting

I offer pediatric sleep consulting services for infants, babies, and toddlers. Together, we will create a sleep plan customized to your child's individual needs as well as your parenting style and I will provide you with daily support to implement the plan. My goal is to get everyone in your "hive" the restorative sleep they need so they can be their happiest.


"Luke routinely goes down within 5 minutes (even for me!) and has had ZERO night wakings since! Hubs and I are regularly clocking in 8 hours of sleep again and we're able to plan our days better because his naps are highly predictable. Not to mention that he's more alert and easygoing during his waking hours."

- Emma W.

My name is Kendra Worth and I am a certified pediatric sleep consultant based in Long Island, New York serving clients worldwide. I specialize in gentle, no-tears methods of sleep training for infants, babies, and toddlers and have worked with babies and children for most of my life...

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